Here are some common questions and general info about our service. We’ll update this with more frequently asked questions and links to help educate our customers about their cars and the automotive service industry in general.

  1. What specifically needs to be repaired or serviced? Depending on what you are bringing your car in for, (“There’s this strange noise!” “What’s that shaking?” or “Why doesn’t my AC blow cold?”) the exact repair needed will depend on what’s diagnosed. What your car requires in labor and parts will be derived from a thorough diagnosis. After the initial diagnosis, we generally do a safety check, and also note anything that may need attention in the future. Now granted, that seems easy enough, but we all know it’s not always that simple. The most important aspect of this process is communication. VeeDub will do the utmost to make sure the customer is informed and can make the best decision possible to suit their needs.
  2. Can you diagnose repairs over the phone? Unfortunately, no. Descriptions of symptoms over the phone are notoriously misleading and as complex as cars are, it would be unwise to attempt. Seeing, hearing and analyzing with your vehicle in front of us is the best way to accurately source issues.
  3. Is there a diagnosis charge? There is. In order to precisely identify your vehicle’s issues, we need to take the proper time and use the proper equipment to help pinpoint exactly what is wrong. Otherwise, you may be paying for the wrong  repair. Depending on the issue diagnosis charges vary. Laptops, pricey software, and even a wizard mechanic will still need time and effort to make sure we fix your car right.
  4. What are all these extra recommended repairs? Do I have to do these? Our mechanics will always make sure to point out issues that may harm the function of your car or be a safety issue to you. Sometimes unrelated to your original repair, these suggestions will always be categorized as immediate or for future consideration. It’s always your choice! We can also remind you by email when suggested repairs are due. Again, your choice.
  5. How long will it take? There are a number of factors that determine this. Firstly, the type of repair. Is it a tire that needs patching, or does a transmission need to be replaced? Secondly, are the parts in stock on our premises, or is there a shipping time needed? Lastly, when you drop your car off, is it by appointment or a late night drop-off? VeeDub will make sure you are given an accurate and honest estimate of the time it takes to repair your car. Although we cannot foresee shipping issues or surprise problems once a part is removed, we are pretty confident that we can give you a practical time of completion. If you are waiting on the premises, we have Wi-Fi and cable TV waiting for you to enjoy.
  6. How much?! What?! There are many factors that determine price as well. Again, VeeDub will make sure communication is open and honest so there are no surprise charges. We have both new parts and used parts on site so we will offer the most cost-effective and safe solution for your vehicle!
  7. That’s under warranty, right? Check below for our warranty information. Our service philosophy is to fix it right the first time. We stand behind our service, but no one is perfect 100% of the time. So rest assured we will make sure issues are resolved quickly!
  8. What’s this diploma mean? At Austin VeeDub we appreciate the need for qualified professional technicians as well as grassroots experienced mechanics. Our service department carries with it VW certified dealer technicians, ASE certified technicians and grey-haired, glasses-wearing, seen-it-all, salt-of -the-earth VW experts. We have the utmost confidence that whether your car is 50 years old or 50 days old, we have a tech who can treat it with the absolute precision it needs!
  9. I’m stranded!! Our Service Department has its own wrecker (tow truck) to help you during business hours it’s a flat fee of $95 anywhere in Austin. For after hours towing we recommend Customz Towing, their number is 512-433-0212.


Warranty on labor is valid for 12 months or 12,000 miles; whichever expires first; on new and remanufactured parts only.

(Why not an unlimited warranty? Cars wear down as they are driven and so do their parts, new or used. So it’s impossible to guarantee any part or labor forever.)

Used parts are subject to parts only warranties. There is no labor warranty on used parts.

(Why? Used parts are a great way to save money and help the environment! For example, when a car is salvaged because it gets hit in the rear end the likelihood that the front end has parts in good working order is really high. But there is a small amount of risk involved since the part is not new. So by acknowledging that risk we do not offer warranty on the labor if the part happens to fail. But the replacement of the part is generally covered. Rest assured, we install used parts on vehicles on a daily basis, especially on our own cars, and your service writer will inform you of which parts are higher risk than others.)

There is no labor or parts warranty on parts purchased elsewhere.

(Origin of a part is a big factor in its performance often times, so if we did not acquire it for you, then we cannot take responsibility for its performance. Especially if you bought it from a garage sale!)

An expressed mechanics lien is hereby acknowledged on the above vehicle to secure the amount for repairs if unpaid.

(If you leave your car here and do not pay for the repairs, we will notify you then ask the state to give us your car – which they will. But if your plan all along was to leave your car with us indefinitely, let us know, we may even give you a couple bucks for it. It’ll save us the work and paper. Again, good for the environment.)