Our Mission: Austin Veedub, Inc is a family owned and operated company that provides recycled parts, new parts, service, and collision repair for European vehicles. We strive to consistently offer exceptional customer and automotive service by communicating effectively and consistently with both our clients and our employees. Further, we are dedicated to providing for the driving community, our employees and their families, while caring for the environment using energy and waste conscious practices.


Call us @ 512-386-5623 To schedule an appointment. Or if you have a question for the service department, you can email us at: service@austinveedub.com



Since 1976 Austin VeeDub has been your Volkswagen and Audi dealer alternative for service and parts in Austin, Texas. We are your one stop shop for VW and Audi. We also carry parts forĀ  Volvo, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Saab and Porsche. With over thirty years of experience serving the Austin area and the United States, we have the technical knowledge and resources to keep your car running smoothly. We are a full service facility with new and used parts. Our inventory also includes 8 acres of salvaged cars.

REMINDER: Do you have a European “clunker” sitting in your yard? A “project” that never got off the ground? Or maybe you’re just sick and tired of pouring your money into that poor excuse for a vehicle. Let us take it off your hands and recycle it! If you have the title and your patience is up, we’ll come haul it away for free and maybe pay you a little in exchange. (We usually pay for cars that are later models with relatively less damage or repair needed. ) Either way, to haul it off and get it out of your sight is free! Call Paul at 512-385-2462!

Need your headlights buffed?

Come get your headlights buffed here at the Veedub! It’s $85 and will last a year or more!!


* quotes from pictures are only estimates, and are subject to change when the vehicle has been brought in and the damage has been properly assessed.