Austin Audi Recycled Parts

Recycled Parts Customer and Warranty Information


1) To prevent unnecessary waste of paper and time, and to protect our inventory,


2)Be advised, there are no returns on electrical or fuel related components,

So make sure you’ve got the right diagnosis for your problem.

3) There are No Refunds without your Receipt!

4) There is a $10 minimum on all parts.


No refunds on electrical/fuel related parts. Electrical/fuel related parts carry a 30 day replacement warranty. Non-electrical/fuel related parts carry a 30 day warranty. What does this mean? Electrical and fuel related parts can be fragile, sensitive or tricky to diagnose depending on age, location and purpose. But they also tend to be culprits. So in order to protect ourselves from shade-tree mechanics who are trying to diagnose their issues by replacing one part at a time (not you, of course), we have this non-refund policy in place. But we do protect against an item failing, so we will replace that relay or fuel pump if it fails, you just won’t get your money back if you realize that your problem isn’t the electrical/fuel related part you bought. If it’s not electrical or fuel related, like a control arm or door handle, you’ve got 30 days for a refund.

Engines and transmissions are subject to a 90 day PARTS only warranty. Labor not included.

Why? We will always be sure to cover our parts from failure, but the risk (however slight) of using a recycled engine or transmission is always the customers choice as well. So we split the risk. It also protects us from having to be responsible for someone else’s installation error.

All returned parts subject to a 20% restocking fee. What’s this? The restocking fee is there to account for the labor involved in pulling a part. Although we do have a warehouse (with very high shelves you’ll notice), we also have an 8 acre yard that we have to traverse just to get to your part. Not to mention the act of pulling it out carefully. That said, the restock fee is about time. We need to pay labor for every piece that comes out of a car, so when you return your item, we just need to make sure to cover at least a small part of that labor.