This is our 8 acre recycled parts yard. It’s quite a sight.

Veedub’s yard is held to the strictest standards, and complies with all air, waste, and stormwater discharge protocol. Salvage yards tend to carry a certain stigma in relation to environmental concerns, but in fact, our yard is consistently inspected and is often described as one of the cleanest yards in Central Texas. Government (EPA) standards concerning salvage yards have specific requirements and when adhered to, create an extremely safe and clean property. We also have a stormwater consultant who we contract to advise us concerning all EPA requirements. In fact, we’d venture to say our yard is just as clean as yours. Minus the nuts and bolts, of course.

Additionally, the whole process of recycling parts is about as “green” as you can get in this industry. Instead of being thrown away, parts are reused. Metal that is not reused is crushed and recycled. All of our used oil and anti-freezed is recycled and reused as well. If you have any questions about how are yard affects the local environment, call or stop by!

Our yard has recently undergone an extensive reorganization. Makes for pretty romantic pictures.

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